Modern Suspended Ceiling Ideas – Our Process for Manufacturing and Installation

Posted on 18th June 2021

At Design and Visual we often work with architects and contractors, creating and installing the suspended ceiling ideas that they require to complete their plans and designs for a variety of interior spaces. Here, we have provided information on what we can mould for your own drop-down or false ceiling and the materials we will use in its manufacture.

Read on to learn more, or contact us if you wish to discuss your own ideas and specifications with one of our specialist team members right away.

suspended grg ceiling panels

What Can be Achieved in Suspended Ceiling Designs?

It is possible for us to achieve a variety of design ideas and decorative features in modern suspended ceilings. In order to do this, we will typically cast the pieces required in custom-made moulds that have been specifically manufactured and prepared for your work project. This ensures that the pieces can be made in any shape or form you’ve designed for your drop-down ceiling plans.

Below, we’ve set out the most common moulding categories requested from us and listed the features that are often required from each:

Applications: interior design ceiling features, signature sculptural pieces, modular feature ceiling tiles, ceiling panels, feature boxes, and troughs to accommodate lighting.

Shapes: domes, spheres, coves that radii on plan, concave or convex forms with curves in two directions (side and profile plan), conical elements, boxes, and flat panels.

Surface finishes: smooth and coarse surfaces made through a combination of model making and acid etching. It’s also possible to request a variety of geometric repeating patterns, in large or small scale as is necessary.

What You May Wish to Achieve with Your Design Ideas

One of the most common usages of suspended ceiling designs in commercial properties is to conceal unsightly practical features, such as electrical wiring or other installations. You may also wish to achieve this with your own design, while incorporating aesthetically pleasing features which complement lighting ideas or the appearances of other interior elements.

A Suspended Ceiling Design Case Study

We are privileged to have provided the manufactured pieces needed to achieve suspended ceiling designs for a variety of businesses and organisations, including Heathrow’s T3 Departures Area. The design idea provided for this work by the contractor was planned as impressively large, waving ceiling rafts in the central area of this part of the terminal. This created the impression of a spacious interior, with a modern suspended ceiling that offered an almost futuristic aspect to the aesthetic of the room.

If you would like to see other examples of what we have achieved for architects and contractors based across the UK, please see our Projects page.

airport suspended ceiling



Our Materials and Their Benefits

When carrying out a suspended ceiling installation on behalf of our clients, there are two construction materials available that we will most normally use. These are glassfibre reinforced gypsum (which GRG) and Jesmonite.

GRG is a composite material made of a combination of gypsum plaster and glass fibre matting. The latter of these is added to the mixture in order to reinforce the structure of the material. Jesmonite, meanwhile, is a specific family of products composed of composite materials. These are a reactive material base and a pure water-based acrylic resin. The most popular of these material types is known as AC730.

Both of these manufacturing materials have a number of benefits that make them more suited to work projects than other forms of plaster moulding. However, you may find that one of these materials is more beneficial to your work project than the other. For your consideration, we have listed their benefits separately below.


The benefits that are to be found with using GRG include:

  • Its high strength and surface hardness
  • Its fantastic levels of durability (owing to its high strength and surface hardness)
  • Its flexibility during the moulding process, which ensures ease of moulding to create more complex shapes
  • Its lightweight design, which allows for a faster, less labour-intensive installation
  • Its cost-effectiveness (owing to a faster, less labour-intensive installation)
  • It can be manufactured to accommodate features such as security cameras, alarms, lighting ideas, and sprinkler systems
  • It can be painted, dressed, and decorated to accommodate your plans and ideas

Glass-reinforced gypsum is also considered a Class 0 fire rated material, so it is completely fire retardant. This may offer further protection if your false ceiling design has been planned with specific lighting ideas in mind and will be used to hide a large amount of wiring.


The benefits that may be found when using Jesmonite for suspended ceiling ideas include:

  • Its naturally high strength and durability
  • Its lightweight design, which will provide a quicker, less labour-intensive installation process
  • Its cost-effectiveness, as it also offers a faster installation
  • Its variety of colours, including shades that can be used to replicate natural stone
  • Its suitability for creating or recreating the details of decorative features, with a reduced chance of the features later breaking
  • Its eco-friendly nature, as it is a water-based material rather than a solvent-based material

The latest developments in Jesmonite have also resulted in the creation of Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats. These are formulated using real metal powder, allowing for the replication of metal in moulded materials that may then form part (or the entirety) of your modern suspended ceiling design ideas.

For Specialist Installations of Suspended Ceiling Ideas

If your latest work project requires suspended ceilings and you have been considering your options for potential materials and mouldings to achieve the designs you’d like, contact our offices today. We’ll be ready and fully prepared to discuss your specifications, before assisting you in placing an order for the expert manufacturing and installation of the pieces needed to complete your project.

There will be no delays in shipping with our service, or unnecessary paperwork to slow down the work process. As we are based in the UK and our products are manufactured here, you can instead expect a fast delivery and all suspended ceiling design ideas installed with your requirements and deadline fully in mind.

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