Feature Ceiling Ideas for Architectural Projects

Posted on 4th August 2022

Ceiling features, particularly those made from glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG), have a great potential to enhance, highlight, and define areas within interior spaces. These also have the potential to take several different forms, depending on the specifications you are working to and the needs of your project. As a result, you may have a few different feature ceiling ideas, each of which we can produce to assist in the completion of your work.

Below, we have provided a list of some of the ceiling features we will be glad to produce for you, as well as more information on what they can bring to an interior. Read on to learn more, or contact us right away if you are ready to speak to a member of staff and place your order.



Suspended Ceilings

We can achieve a myriad of suspended ceiling design ideas and add decorative features to enhance any interior. The most common moulding categories requested from us, and the most popular styles and features of these, are detailed below for your consideration:


These interior design ceiling features may include signature sculptural pieces, modular feature ceiling tiles, and ceiling panels. Each of these can be designed to blend in with the given aesthetics of the location, but may also be moulded and installed in such a way as to create interest, drawing the eye and becoming a focal point for guests and visitors.

These suspended ceiling panels that we provided for Terminal 3 Departures at Heathrow Airport may offer an idea of what your feature ceiling ideas will look like once finished.

suspended ceiling


While we will do everything we can to offer your project the shapes you want, the most common shapes include domes, spheres, coves, concave or convex forms with curves in two directions (side and profile plan), conical elements, boxes, and flat panels. Shapes are created to draw the eye, and deciding on the ideal shape or shapes for your ceiling designs is guaranteed to create the visual interest you require.

The dropped circular ceiling features below, which we designed for an office lobby in Reading, are an excellent example of the products we can provide.

grg dome ceiling

Surface Finishes

We can provide both smooth and coarse surface finishes that create visual interest and intrigue with differences in texture. These are made through a combination of model making and acid etching and can be completed in a range of ways to suit the needs of your project.

If you have considered geometric patterns in your feature ceiling ideas, or wish to make geometric patterns the focus of your design, this is also possible with our service. These can be applied as repeating patterns on a small or large scale as necessary, and in any shape requested that will suit your specifications.


Our Work with Suspended Ceilings

Even though we do not manufacture suspended ceilings ourselves, we do work with Europe’s largest suspended ceiling manufacturer to ensure designs are achieved as intended. We understand the complexity of a suspended ceiling and what needs to be considered when planning this feature as part of your project, so you will always be guaranteed a GRG suspended ceiling design that complements the features of its intended interior location.

Our in-house design team is responsible for producing working drawings of the ceiling design you have requested, and our manufacturing and installation team specialise in the use of elliptical, radial, and sloping areas of a ceiling.


Light Troughs

Beyond its primary function of supporting and concealing lighting units, AC grilles, and other services or infrastructure, light troughs can also be used to create a variety of lighting styles for an interior space. Ordinarily, they will be installed at the perimeter of the room to achieve this.

Popular lighting styles achieved with light troughs include wash lighting and two different levels of background lighting, but these are not the only ideas that can be implemented. It is also possible, for instance, to fit lighting units such as LED lighting into the trough itself, which may be a consideration if your interior space has a painted ceiling that you wish to enhance.

Conversely, if your interior space has highly decorated walls you may wish to reverse the profile so that a downward effect is created. This shifts the direction of the light, thereby shifting focus and attention to the features you want to be highlighted.

An example of a light trough we have manufactured and installed can be seen below.

GRG ceiling

Razor Edges

These are light troughs, which provide a clean, precise, razor-like edge along the length of the trough itself. For projects that require the finest possible line between areas of light and areas of shadow, a razor edge is likely to be required as well. This work can also be elaborated upon, and designs can be moulded and manufactured which allow for a range of patterns and lighting styles to suit the specifications of your project.

Blind Boxes

Often installed in conjunction with razor edges, blind boxes are designed to offer a complete lighting solution to any project, at any time of day or night. This is because not only do they conceal different light fixture types and detailed ceiling perimeters, but they are also designed to hide blind mechanisms and curtain options. During the day this has the potential to allow more natural light into the room, as blinds and curtains will be concealed and the window will not be obstructed. If the interior has white walls and a white ceiling, this effect will then be enhanced even further to create the impression of a wide, welcoming space.

At night, additional uses can also be found as the product can be designed to create a variety of different lighting designs.

Ceiling Reflectors

A ceiling reflector is a simple, accurate, and consistent method of forming multiple lighting styles, including wash lighting and two different levels of background lighting. Like light troughs, they are most often positioned at the perimeter of a room to achieve this.


Bulkheads offer architectural and interior design projects a range of aesthetic benefits beyond the simple obfuscation of unsightly features. As they act as “steps” between spaces, they can close gaps and create a sleeker, more “put-together” look and appeal in an interior space. Certain designs also have the potential to create the impression of a larger or taller room and add interest and dimension to the space.

The latter of these can be expanded upon if the specifications of the project call for the bulkhead to be suspended from the ceiling. By doing this, it is possible to create shadow lines that contrast and create an area of interest in the design. This is particularly noticeable if the interior has grey or white walls.

As a product, bulkheads also offer the opportunity for more creative, visually appealing designs that will draw the eye of guests and visitors to any interior. For example, some products can be painted or covered in a fashion that blends or contrasts with the rest of the interior design. Some specialists may also suggest using different surface finishes to create contrasting, interesting textures.

An example of a bulkhead we installed for Tullow Oil in Chiswick can be seen below.

grg ceiling moulding

Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling creates the impression of a taller ceiling within an interior space, and any unique geometric pattern produced as part of the design is bound to create appeal and visual interest for guests and visitors.

It may also be of interest to note that this geometric pattern can be enhanced even further, beyond the square, rectangular, or even hexagonal or octagonal grid shapes. For example, once the installation of a standard coffered ceiling is complete, it is possible to install further details and decorations within the spaces left by the grid, and additional ornamental details may be produced on request.

A particularly unique example of a coffered ceiling that we installed in El Al Airlines’ business lounge in Heathrow Airport can be found here.

grg ceiling

Lowered Soffits

A soffit, being the underside of any construction element, has a multitude of uses and therefore can be designed and installed in a wide variety of ways. As a result, you may see soffits as the undersides of cornices or coving, the curvature of plasterwork which fills the space between cabinets and walls or ceilings, or as the underside of ceiling tiles suspended, fastened, or bonded to a grid system. The latter design will then be attached to the walls of the interior, the ceiling, or even to both depending on the specifications of the project.




For More Information on Ceiling Features

If you have any questions about the GRG ceiling features that we can produce and install for your architectural or interior design project, contact us today. As experienced professionals specialising in the UK-based manufacture of GRG we are sure that we can provide the answers you are looking for. We will then be glad to supply the bespoke products and mouldings that suit your needs and specifications.

Our team will be ready to assist as soon as you get in touch, and you can be sure that you will always receive fast and reliable services from us. This includes guaranteed delivery and installation to fit your schedule, work that keeps to your exact requirements, and no overly detailed or complicated paperwork to fill out.

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