Ceiling Designs

Our UK-manufactured glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) offers a strong, lightweight, and fire-resistant material for the ceiling designs of planned architectural projects. This also creates a high quality surface that can be painted or moulded into complex shapes and patterns, before being used to enhance and highlight areas within an interior. As a result, the work provided should offer a clean, attractive finish once completed.

MF Ceiling Systems

Standing for “metal frame plasterboard ceilings”, these systems are suspended metal frame ceilings which are installed below the main structural ceiling using a series of wires or hanger angles. It’s common to see them referred to as “false ceilings”, “suspended ceilings”, “dropped ceilings”, “suspended ceiling tiles”, or “grid ceilings” as well. They are considered a vital part of modern architecture to complete a smooth finish and to cover uneven or unsightly features.

We should note that Design & Visual Concepts does not produce MF ceiling systems. However, we do manufacture and install glass-reinforced gypsum profiles to suit false ceiling lighting systems. These are designed and manufactured to facilitate the installation of the hidden lighting styles and systems that fit the requirements of a planned project.

GRG Light Troughs

A light trough profile is used to support and conceal LED, Cold Cathode, or Fluorescent lighting units as necessary. They are also often used to hide AC grilles or other services which might disrupt the aesthetic appeal of an interior, and will normally be positioned at the perimeter of a room to create wash lighting or to make two different levels of background lighting.

Light troughs provide an easy and consistent method of forming the lighting designs and staying in accordance with the plans of a project. They use the same suspension material and jointing process as plasterboard ceilings, while creating a clean and gutter-free void. This allows for the easy installation of further lighting products while avoiding both shadow and hot spots.

Our GRG light troughs are manufactured in 200 mm depths, with upstands of 75 mm. However, if you have a specific requirement for your own work project, our team can adjust these to suit your specifications.

GRG Razor Edges

Also known as “knife edge” light coves, razor edges are suspended GRG light troughs that provide a precise, razor-like edge along the length of the trough itself. This achieves a perfect line between light and shadow, with nothing in between, and can be used to create patterns and sharp, stylish lighting designs.

Razor edge light troughs are popular alternatives to more traditional, 90° vertical trims, and are often installed in conjunction with blind boxes to offer a complete lighting solution for a project.

GRG Blind Boxes

As suspended GRG sections which provide an exact, solid right angle recess at the junction of ceilings and glazing, blind boxes are perfect for detailing ceiling perimeters, hiding blind mechanisms, and concealing lighting fixtures and features. A blind box construction will often be installed at the same time as light troughs to complete an interior’s lighting solution.

GRG Ceiling Reflectors

Fitted above light troughs to reflect the light from LED, Cold Cathode, or Fluorescent light units, ceiling reflectors can offer an architectural project multiple options for lighting styles. For instance, like light troughs, they may be positioned at the perimeter of a room for wash lighting, or to make two different levels with background lighting.

Installing GRG light reflectors offers projects a simple, accurate, and consistent method of forming this, while also using the same suspension material and jointing process as plaster board. Using them also offers advantages through the ease of installation, including designs that require neat finishes in inaccessible or difficult-to-reach locations.

We can manufacture reflectors individually or as part of a light trough system for projects, employing a vertical upstand or razor edge. To find out more, please see our page.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the ceiling designs and features we can install in glass-reinforced gypsum, contact Design & Visual Concepts today. As a UK-based manufacturer of GRG, as well as bespoke architectural mouldings and products, we are more than confident that we will be able to give the answers and supply what you need.

Our team will be fully prepared to assist you in placing an order as soon as you get in touch, and you will always be guaranteed a fast, reliable service as a result. This includes products manufactured to your exact specifications, a delivery and installation to suit your schedule, and work that meets the requirements of your project without a need for overly-detailed paperwork.