Demountable Partitions

Internal Partition Walls

Demountable Partitioning is non-load bearing relocatable partitioning systems for internal use.

Partitioning used to be plain and simple: drywall-based partitions with door and window frames inserted here and there. But today’s commercial and retail environments can be restricted by this traditional approach.

That’s why we offer a range of contemporary solutions to suit your space.

Demountable Partitioning blends high design and the very latest in materials and technologies.

While drywall-based partitions still have their place, sometimes you’ll want more. Ask, and Design & Visual Concepts delivers: we’ve supplied contemporary glass partitions (with integrated glass doors, windows and storage spaces) for several high-profile office and retail premises.

Demountable Partition Systems

Partition walls are a popular way to designate areas and create spaces without altering the structural fabric of the building. Internal demountable partitioning can be temporary or semi-permanent for the duration of use, a tenancy or occupation. Using materials such as glass and acrylic it is possible to employ colours and lighting to bring a modern feel and carry a design theme through your commercial environment.

Demountable partition walls are a simple solution to dividing office and retail spaces as they are fast to erect, easy to clean and leave little mess when removed or altered. It also offers the flexibility to make layout alterations without engaging in major building works.

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