Our GRG and GRC Solutions

Whether your project requires a: specialist area fit-out, polished plastering, demountable partitions, lighting soffits or cladding we are able to tailor our services to suit your requirements. Our services include:

- Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) Columns & Ceilings
- Ceilings and Partitioning
- Jesmonite Cladding (GRC)
- Demountable Partitioning
- Drylining
- Polished Plastering
- GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

GRG Ceilings & Walls

GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) is a strong, durable and lightweight material suitable for building architectural curves, angles or contemporary ‘sculpture’. We use GRG to create; column encasements, wall cladding, lighting soffits, lighting troughs, bulkheads, elliptical ceilings, circular ceilings, corbels and bespoke mouldings.

GRG ceilings define, enhance and highlight areas within a building. They can take many forms, as lowered soffits, raised coffers, circular, elliptical shapes, lighting troughs with concealed lighting, slopes & angles, blind boxes, razor edges, bulkheads or any combination of the above.

We have developed methods to integrate GRG sections seamlessly with areas of plasterboard ceilings.

Our spray-plaster techniques offer an extremely high quality standard. This creates the ultimate monolithic finish, with the entire surface covered in a thin coat of plaster.

Wall Cladding
With our expert designers, and skilled install teams, we are able to complete full project installation works.  We undertake decorative wall panelling and cladding, bespoke mouldings, architectural spheres, domes, dry-lining or simple skimming.

GRG Columns

Our GRG column casings are used to conceal unattractive building elements. Producing sleek modern looking forms, these can also incorporate integrated skirting and head details.

Our manufacturing process ensures the highest levels of quality and consistency in our columns. Our moulds are produced using the latest CAD / CAM technology built to exacting tolerances using CNC machinery. Our GRG casings are ‘class O’ fire rated, and therefore entirely non-combustible.

We have developed fast and efficient installation methods that not only control accuracy and alignment, but also ensure that all joints achieve the required monolithic finish.

Our expert team can design bespoke columns to suit your purpose; curves, angles and complex shapes are all within our capability.

GRC & Jesmonite

Our revolutionary material, Jesmonite GRC, is the modern alternative to original external render and stonework. Perfect for architectural works such as large exterior columns, period stonework, or a Portland stone wall.

We are highly skilled in producing bespoke GRC resembling original external render or stonework. Having worked on numourous projects we have honed our skills in how to manipulate, form, colour and render GRC with precision workmanship.

We’ve used Jesmonite GRC to create period features and simulated natural stone. It’s easily adapted to create large panels. Having a good strength to weight ratio, these are very easy to manoeuvre and fit.