Jesmonite, GRP & GRG Column Covers & Casings

Our GRG columns, casings and encasements can be seamlessly shaped to suit your layout, covering unattractive elements with sleek, modern looks. Our column casings come in standard sizes or bespoke moulds can be made to meet your exact requirements. We manufacture column casings in GRG, GRP and Jesmonite products, each providing suitability to different environments and offering a choice of finishes.


  • Quick, easy and cost-effective to install
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Wide range of standard sizes
  • Designed for internal use only
  • Prefabricated off-site work rather than measure and fit onsite
  • Crack resistant and low expansion
  • Lightweight
  • Complex shapes achieved

About GRG column covers

Column covers are usually square, curved or elliptical shaped encasements that shroud the supporting framework of a building where it is not part of a wall. They can be found on both the inside and outside, and the column cover material will vary depending on the application.

Interior column casings are often made from Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG). Gypsum columns are our most popular products. Exterior column covers can be manufactured in GRP or Jesmonite with a choice of finishes, as these materials are more resistant to weathering.

Advantages to designer

Glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) is composed of two key materials, the first being a high-density gypsum, and the second being glass fibre which acts as a reinforcement, strengthening the gypsum and allowing it a longer lifespan and opening up the possibilities of what one can do with it.

The advantages to a designer of using GRG is in the consistent quality and finish of the product.  The bespoke designs which can be achieved with this product makes it a popular method chosen by architects – we like to work with designers and architects to help make their designs a reality.

Create and define a space

Our GRG column casings projects have included work within commercial office buildings, hotels, airport terminals, reception areas, departures lounges, break-out areas and retail shop interiors.

Our expert team can design bespoke columns to suit your purpose; curves, angles and complex shapes are all within our capability.

We offer column casings on a supply only or supply and installation basis, and as with our other products are backed up by efficient project management and high quality manufacturing.

UK based products & service

We differ from our competitors as we are the only company in the UK (from workshop in Kent) concentrating solely on manufacture and installation of GRG and Jesmonite. We provide a concrete guarantee that every product that goes out the door is made accurately to exact specification and meets our stringent standards ensuring we would be 100% happy to install the product.

Our team provide fast and efficient installation methods that not only control accuracy and alignment, but also ensure that all joints achieve the required monolithic finish.

Our manufacturing process ensures the highest levels of quality and consistency in our columns. Our moulds are produced using the latest CAD / CAM technology built to exacting tolerances using CNC machinery.

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