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GRG manufacturing

Glass reinforced gypsum is commonly referred to as GRG. It is made from a combination of gypsum casting plaster and glassfibre matting to add strength. GRG manufacturing involves laying the gypsum and fibre mix into a mould to set hard, creating solid pieces, in our case features for building decoration. GRG products are ideal for high traffic (typically internal) areas such as retail spaces, shopping malls, transport terminals, commercial offices and atrium/reception areas.

Glass reinforced gypsum is an adaptable material which is light, strong and flame retardent – it is Class 0 fire rated. Installation of pre-formed pieces is usually fast and not labour intensive. They can be dressed and decorated in many ways to match or distinguish the building’s design concept. GRG can also accommodate speakers, sprinklers, alarms, cameras, lighting and other features.

Design and Visual Concepts is a recognised expert in the design and manufacture of curved and architecturally complex GRG mouldings for the construction and interior design industries. We offer a wide range of bespoke GRG products. These are often custom designed to meet the requirements of the building and architect. Our GRG mouldings are created to fine detail using 3D CAD tools and then manufactured to tight tolerances – to ensure a smooth fit for finished pieces.

We are a UK based GRG manufacturer – therefore no shipping delays or detailed paperwork. We design, manufacture (from our UK workshop) and install GRG: column casings, fascias, bulkheads, domes, lighting troughs and soffits. Our Projects page further illustrates work we have successfully undertaken and delivered.

Jesmonite manufacturing

Jesmonite is the self-proclaimed ‘chameleon material of the building industry’. It can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of almost any surface finish in a wide variety of colours. We use a range of Jesmonite materials to mould many of the same products we produce in GRG – column covers, wall cladding and ceiling features. Manufacturing these in Jesmonite provides a wider range of surface options.

Jesmonite can be used both internally and externally. It is ideal for decorative wall coverings which can be moulded to any shape and design. Find out more about Jesmonite here.

Architectural finishes and installations

We provide architectural mouldings for commercial and residential buildings to a wide range of industries and have an open and collaborative approach to working with our clients.