Moulded wall panels and cladding

With our expert designers and skilled manufacturing and install teams, we are able to complete full project installation works of Jesmonite, GRC & GRG walls and GRG panels. We undertake decorative wall panelling and cladding, bespoke mouldings, dry lining or simple skimming. We can manufacture and install 3D wall panels to your design.

Why Choose GRG for your walls?
Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is easily moulded into uniform curves, angles and edges and can be used to create walls with almost any architectural design. GRG is lightweight in structure so does not create a great deal of weight bearing onto a wall. This also makes it easy to install on site. It has excellent fire protection with a high impact resistance, making it ideal for commercial environments.
When we install our GRG wall panels, the joints of the panels are filled to create a seamless decorative wall which can be then painted or sprayed to any colour or design.

Why choose Jesmonite or GRC for your walls?
Jesmonite AC730 is a highly modified form of glass-reinforced cement (GRC). It is a cast concrete substitute that is ideal for manufacturing wall cladding panels for both internal and external use.
Jesmonite has many benefits, such as being lighter and more durable than cast concrete and it can be made to replicate the look of other materials, such as stone, marble and granite. It can also be pigmented to almost any colour and can be moulded to mimic textures, reproducing the effect of metal, wood, leather and fabric.
DVC is an approved manufacturer of Jesmonite. More information is available on our Jesmonite Mouldings page.

Whichever your production material of choice, DVC can help bring your project’s feature area to life with a moulded wall design that is interesting and innovative.