GRP architectural mouldings

GRP fibreglass mouldings

GRP is Glass Reinforced Polyester or is also sometimes referred to as Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP). It is a reinforced polymer made of resin, gelcoat and strengthened by fine fibres of glass matting. This mixture takes the shape of the mould it is set into and hardens to produce the desired product.

GRP is a lightweight, extremely strong and robust material. It is versatile, durable and affordable. Moulded GRP can be produced with a matt or gloss finish, pigmented to almost any colour and manufactured in plain and patterned designs.

GRP architectural mouldings are an ideal product for external building works due to its material properties which provide good resistance against weathering, and GRP can be formed into a wide variety of designs making it suitable for both standard and more bespoke applications.

We have been a GRP manufacturer for almost twenty years and our GRP architectural mouldings have been utilised in retail shops, public spaces and office buildings throughout the UK.

In addition to manufacturing GRP architectural mouldings, we can also offer a range of alternative finishes in other materials such as Jesmonite.