GRC and Jesmonite casting

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, also known as GFRC or GRC, is a type of fibre reinforced concrete. Glass fibre concretes are mainly used in exterior building façade panels and as architectural precast concrete. Whether you have a requirement for large exterior columns, period effect stonework or a Portland stone finish wall, we will be able to help. Our specialists are skilled in producing bespoke GRC using Jesmonite AC730 which can replicate the appearance and texture of almost any surface finish in a wide variety of colours.
Below is an explanation of the most common materials.

Jesmonite AC100

Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based gypsum composite material used to make decorative moulded objects. It is typically cast and laminated using multiaxial glassfibre reinforcement and can be coloured using a range of jesmonite pigments. AC100 is suitable for decorative cast objects, mould cases, internal wall panels and architectural enrichments.

What surface finishes are achievable?

Jesmonite AC100 contains a high quality pure acrylic resin that can be polished with a clean cotton cloth. Excellent results can be achieved with a wide range of waxes and polishing machinery, and AC100 is also compatible with a wide range of water-based sealers and varnishes.

Where can you use Jesmonite AC100?

Jesmonite AC100 castings are primarily used to provide decoration to building interiors. External use requires the application of a suitable sealer or external paint system for long-term exposure. It is safe to use and contains no solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Ceiling Features · Cornices · Skirtings · Column Cladding · Feature Walls · Wall Panelling · Impact Zones · Swimming Pools · Winter Gardens · Steam / Sauna areas etc.

Jesmonite AC730

Jesmonite AC730 is a water based, rapid setting micro-concrete composite material which can be moulded to produce decorative finishes replicating the look of stone, marble, granite and more.

Jesmonite AC730 is formulated to achieve a range smooth or exposed/textured stone finishes. Smooth stone and concrete surfaces can be created by leaving the cement rich film/layer on the surface. In some cases the surface can be painted. To reveal the decorative aggregates the Jesmonite casting surface can be acid etched, grit blasted or sanded.

The standard AC730 finishes are (pictured left to right) Old TerracottaYellow SandstoneBath StonePortland Stone, Natural Stone, Silver Grey GraniteWhite Marble, plus Charcoal Black. If you want to know how to colour Jesmonite, we can offer a bespoke matching service to assist manufacturers, architects, and designers to replicate colours and surface finishes.

Importantly, Jesmonite AC730 casting surfaces require no special maintenance procedures as the surface is highly durable to severe exposure conditions. AC730 is non-solvent, UV stable, externally durable, contains zero VOC’s and achieves an A2-s1-d0 EN 13501-1 (non-combustible) Fire Classification. There is also no risk of efflorescence.

Jesmonite AC730 is a superior alternative to glass reinforced cement, pre-cast concrete and fibrous casting materials such as Fibrocem. AC730 is a decorative concrete – lighter than stone, glass reinforced concrete, sand and cement products.

Jesmonite GFRC Concrete

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, known as GRC or GFRC, is often used for decorating the external faces of a building. At Design and Visual Concepts, we use Jesmonite AC730 to manufacture a range of GRC products, such as internal and external cladding, design features and decorative enrichments. AC730 is ideal for external building components, where wetting and drying of the product are encountered. The flexible characteristics of AC730 will accommodate a high degree of thermal and moisture movement within the material without building up high stress/strain values.
Jesmonite AC730 can be formulated and manufactured to conform to the majority of British and EN Standards and specifications controlling GRC products.

Where can you use Jesmonite AC730?

Jesmonite AC730 is designed for glass reinforced decorative structures and can also be used for small castings. It is chemically compensated against shrinkage and is of low permeability making it suitable for use both inside and outside of buildings.

Internally and Externally · Ceiling Features · Cornices · Skirtings · Column Cladding · Feature Walls · Wall Panelling · Impact Zones · Swimming Pools · Winter Gardens · Steam / Sauna Areas etc.

Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats

Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats are formulated using real metal powder to create the ultimate replication of metal in moulded materials. There are four finishes available and they are fully compatible with AC730, which is used as a cast or laminate back up.

The four metal finishes are Bronze, Brass, Copper, and Silver Bronze. Flex Metal coats are formulated using real metal powder and so can be waxed, sealed or have a patina applied just like real metal. Ex-mould surfaces can be polished with fine grades of wire wool to change and enhance appearance,  either by hand or polishing machinery can be used with the appropriate metallic polishing heads.

Where can you use Jesmonite Flex Metals?

As Flex Metal accurately replicates real metal, it is possible to use it anywhere that a metallic decorative finish is required. The advantage being it is much easier to shape, pattern and finish and is much lighter and cheaper to produce. Some examples of its uses include:

Internally and Externally · Ceiling Features · Column Cladding · Feature Walls · Wall Panelling · Artwork · Decorative Pieces etc.

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