200 Hammersmith Road Customised office space

Client: Royal London Asset Management
Location: London
Budget: £37,000

THE SCENARIO: 200 Hammersmith Road is 38,000 sq ft of office space comprising 5,800 sq ft roof terrace, atrium lounge and break out areas.

THE SCOPE: The architect approached us to explain their vision and design. They briefed us on the concept of the rope theme running throughout the build. We were commissioned to manufacture black Jesmonite AC730 wall panels with a rope pattern installed onto a framework hook and rail system.

OUR SOLUTION: To meet the design requirements we had to come up with a methodology which would allow us to replicate the look of the rope to feature in the Jesmonite wall panels. We achieved this finish by manufacturing a fibreglass model using a zinc profile to achieve the dome inserts. We then laid ropes into the dome inserts and stabilised the model. Once we were happy with the model we then produced a rubber mould. From this rubber mould we cast the Jesmonite panels.

The colour required was a bespoke colour which we had to make up ourselves and seek approval prior to manufacturing. It is an extremley important process to ensure the same quantities of each colour type were used from the same batches in order to achieve colour consistency throughout the manufacturing process. A scrict quality control process was implemented during this project and the client was extremely pleased with the end result.

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