Bacchanalia Restaurant Mayfair, London

Client:Caprice Holdings
Location:Berkeley Square, Mayfair

The Scenario

An exclusive new London restaurant featuring four Damien Hirst statues, hand-painted ceiling murals and 2000-year-old Greek and Roman artworks required a bespoke stone effect balcony balustrade to be manufactured and installed overlooking the main restaurant floor. Bacchanalia is described as “…not merely a restaurant, it is a breath-taking feast for the senses, a gathering place to feel moved, immersed in another world.”

The Scope

The designer specified the balcony with three curving bays of differing widths, plus a separate balustrade surrounding a DJ booth area. We were also asked to match a specified colour in keeping with the overall design theme.

Our Solution

The individual balustrade components were created from client drawings using a CNC modelling process. These pieces were then used to manufacture moulds suitable for repeatable casting. Components we had to manufacture included spindles, handrail, base rail and a light trough. Jesmonite provided us with a blended AC730 material that met the customer’s colour requirements; itself based on Portland Stone samples provided by the designer.

Each component was manufactured by pouring mixed AC730 aggregate into the relevant mould, adding quadaxial glassfibre reinforcement as part of the lay-up process. Once set, each piece was extracted from its mould and the external surface acid-etch treated to bring out the full stone effect.

All balustrade components had to be manufactured to fine tolerances for them to mate, maintain the overall balcony height and have acceptable fitment gaps. Installation was undertaken by our highly experienced staff, working to a tight deadline to meet the well-publicised grand opening date. The restaurant’s glamourous launch was attended by such notable individuals as the Marchioness of Bath, Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer and supermodel Naomi Campbell, and it continues to amaze visitors with its décor and theatre.

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Main restaurant image courtesy of Johnny Stephens