Battersea Power Station Turbine Hall B

Client:Integra Contracts
Location:Wandsworth, London

The Scenario

Create the panelled ceiling components for the main shopping centre concourse in Turbine Hall B at Battersea Power Station. The Grade II listed building has now been redeveloped after it was decommissioned as a power station in 1983. Retail outlets are now housed inside the power station’s two restored Turbine Halls.

The Scope

The architects designed the ceiling as a series of repeating rectangle tiles, with a curving edge to meet the walls. Within the ceiling, certain tiles housed lighting and HVAC ventilation. The lighting units required a bespoke mould to be produced to precisely fit the lamps. This was a supply only project, putting emphasis on us to deliver components accurately and consistently as installation was completed by the client.

Our Solution

Each ceiling section was manufactured in our workshop using Glassfibre Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) and moulds created using the architects’ drawings. Several moulds were required to accommodate the circular lights, curved edge tiles and flat ceiling sections seen in the photos.

GRG is ideal for creating suspended ceiling designs such as this as it is lightweight, flame retardant, can be moulded with curves, and manufactured to accommodate fixtures such as lighting, speakers, or HVAC systems. GRG can be easily decorated to offer a wide range of surface finishes.

In total we supplied 1,100 GRG ceiling tiles for Turbine Hall B, most of them approx. 2.75 m2 in size. The complex is now open to the public and 250,000 people visited the retail and leisure destination during its opening weekend.

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