Birmingham New Street Main Concourse

Client:Hiskoll Architects and Designers
Location:Birmingham New Street

We were selected to carry out the specialist GRG column encasement works within the atrium area of the railway station. Our challenge was to deliver the architects’ exacting and complex geometric design.  Our in-depth knowledge and industry experience in complex design formations ensured the successful delivery of the works, providing a dramatic and inspirational walk- through experience for the passengers and customers at the flagship state-of-the-art station.  The column encasements were segmented and produced in 4m2 units which were then mechanically fixed into position using a Unistrut framework system.

Finally, we needed to ensure the successful interface – with the use of stretched ceiling fabric and the GRG column encasements. This was achieved by installing the GRG casts to grid lines on the floor to ensure accurate alignment with the curved fabric ceiling at the top of the columns. The ever-changing formations and projections of the columns were controlled by producing a perpendicular plum joint line for all the column casts to provide a constant vertical reference point to stay on grid.

Photography courtesy of Network Rail


The logistics of this job was extremely challenging trying to work amongst lots of other trades. The end result is a fantastic concourse area for the public to use"

Project Manager