Office Lobby Ceiling Design with GRG Yell, Reading


We were instructed to carry out the GRG ceiling works in this commercial building, offering a stylish new office lobby ceiling design to the Yell offices in Reading.

The project was constructed from custom moulded GRG components to form various diameter dropped circular ceiling features. These were suspended from the existing slab by a lightweight metal support framework designed and installed by us.

Our GRG fabrication was chosen as the best material and method of build to achieve the quality and architectural complexity of the modern office lobby design. Our work was used throughout the main restaurant ceiling areas and within the main office lobby ceiling areas to form eye-catching features above reception desks.

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Design & Visual Concepts completed this project achieving the very highest level of quality to the specialist feature ceiling areas and well ahead of schedule. Both the client and the architects were delighted with the impressive and striking end result.

Project Manager

Why Choose GRG for Your Office Lobby Ceiling Design Inspiration?

Glass reinforced gypsum (otherwise known as GRG) often makes the best material to use for ceilings, atrium linings, or circular column casings. As such, it may be the perfect solution for aesthetically pleasing finishes to projects ranging from lobby lighting design for an office building to luxury hotel lobby interior design.

The benefits of the material come with its strength, flexibility when being moulded, and lightweight design. Its high strength and surface hardness offer great durability to any architectural features you have planned, while the adaptable nature of cast GRG mouldings means that you can achieve complex shapes and structures in a fast, cost-effective manner.

The lightweight nature of the material also reduces installation time, while never compromising on the aesthetic quality. As such, you will never have to be concerned about the finished result or the possibility of it not meeting your expectations. Whether you are planning a hotel entrance or lobby design, or redesigning an office space, GRG can offer a quick, stylish architectural solution.

Are You Planning an Office Ceiling Design?

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If you’d like to see more examples of work we have performed to complete work projects from architects across the country, please see our portfolio. Some of these designs may become inspiration for the best hotel lobby design seen this decade, or even the voguish features needed to impress a firm’s new potential clients.