Skype Offices Reception Entrance

Client: T P Bennett
Location: London
Budget: £24,500

THE SCENARIO: Housed in a Grade II listed building, Skype’s London HQ was designed by award-winning architects TP Bennett. Flexible working areas were designed for specific teams, formulated as individual ‘neighbourhoods’ within the larger office. A chill-out area was created as a central gathering space for informal meetings and hot-desking, in addition to other meeting spaces both casual and formal.

THE SCOPE: Our project brief was to manufacture and install GRG ceiling and bulkhead features in various ‘neighbourhoods’, and most notably to the central staircase. The central staircase formed the focal point of the building and connects the office spaces together. Branding with pendant lighting made abstract reference to the Skype logo.

OUR SOLUTION: We first manufactured and installed a circular domed GRG ceiling feature accompanied by a circular light trough, both measuring 2.7m in diameter. We then followed this by manufacturing two more ceiling and light trough features, of 1.7m and 1m in diameter.

The final aspect of the project was to manufacture and install a curved GRG bulkhead around the helical central staircase. This involved us manufacturing a Z-shaped bulkhead section. We assumed 900mm girth and fixed this to MF support framework.

The Skype office was subsequently shortlisted for BCO London and South East Awards.

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The overall effect of this project is truly stunning. We are so pleased to have worked on this project. The central staircase is the focal point of the building and connects the office space together. It was a delight to be involved in this architectural masterpiece.

Michael Arney, Projects Director