Professional Applications of Fibrous Plaster and Similar Materials

Our team of master craftsmen and skilled plasterers are waiting to manufacture and apply the fibrous plaster and other, similar materials that you need to complete bespoke designs and finishes for any interior or exterior location.
Whether you are looking to undertake the repair and restoration of a property or need something entirely fresh and new, our materials can be precisely applied to achieve the creative vision you’ve set out in your specifications.
See our portfolio of Projects for previous examples, or contact us to discuss the possibilities involved for your work and fibrous plaster materials today.

What is Fibrous Plaster?

Fibrous plaster is a type of decorative plasterwork. It’s made from Plaster of Paris that has been reinforced with layers of hessian and secured within a durable timber framework. You will also find that it is the ideal material combination for imitating other, more traditional lime plastering, which is often hand-moulded.

What Can We Achieve in Fibrous Plaster?

As a form of decorative plaster, fibrous plaster mouldings are most often used purely for ornamental purposes, rather than as a structural element of a property. Because of this, you come across older commercial and domestic properties that make use of plaster coving, ceiling roses, and panel mouldings, alongside newer builds that attempt to replicate this or that require their own decorative elements. 

Other fibrous plasterworks and plaster mouldings may also be manufactured and installed by our specialists when requested. Please contact us to learn more about this service; one of our team members will be glad to speak with you about your specifications.

Why Choose Fibrous Plaster for Your Planned Project?

The benefits to using fibrous plaster for any kind of construction project lie in its lightweight design, its quick and simple production, and its ease of installation or application wherever necessary. The nature of the material also means that it is easily moulded into a wide variety of shapes, designs, and finishes that may be necessary to achieve the aesthetic vision of an architect or an interior designer.

Set Construction in Fibrous Plaster

As specialists in the production and application of fibrous plaster for a range of interior space types, we are also fully prepared to carry out professional film, television, and theatre set construction. This work will involve our team working closely with you in order to complete the design, manufacture, and installation of the precise pieces that will transform any set into the set designer, into the vision of “reality” that you want your audiences to see.

Other Materials for Set Construction

In our capacity as a well-regarded plastering company, we are also able to collaborate on the building of sets in a number of other high quality material types. Most commonly, these will be glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) and Jesmonite

GRG is a modern fibrous plaster type made from a combination of gypsum casting plaster and reinforced with glassfibre matting. Jesmonite, meanwhile, is a composite material made from an acrylic resin that binds gypsum powder. As well as using these for set construction, our specialists will also be ready to utilise them to produce seamless designs for the interior or exterior of any planned project you have in mind.

Choosing GRG or Jesmonite for Your Planned Project

The material you’ll need will vary, depending on whether you require assistance with the decorative features and façades of an exterior or interior location. GRG is typically utilised in interior locations, especially in areas of high foot traffic, while Jesmonite can be applied to both interior and exterior features. 

We are also more than confident that we can provide both in any number of interesting, innovative designs or in mouldings that complete the much-needed plastering restoration of any large property.

What Can We Achieve with GRG or Jesmonite?

We are recognised specialists in the design and manufacture of curved and architecturally complex GRG mouldings for both construction and interior design purposes. From this material, we are able to provide wall and ceiling features, column covers and casings, and other bespoke elements to achieve the aesthetic finishes of interior spaces including shopping malls, transport terminals, commercial offices, and atriums or reception areas.

As well as providing services as a plastering company, we are also expert providers of Jesmonite materials for the purpose of moulding many of the same features as GRG products. The difference with this part of our service is that a wider range of surface options are available with Jesmonite, including surface finishes that replicate the appearance, texture, and colour of many varieties of natural stone.

Why Decide on GRG or Jesmonite for Construction?

The combined benefits of using GRG or Jesmonite for your planned architectural or interior design project come in their strength, durability, and their lightweight design. The latter of these ensures that you will be guaranteed a swift, easy, and cost-effective installation when you decide to work with us. GRG in particular is also flame retardant, with a Class 0 fire rating, and can be installed to accommodate speakers, sprinklers, alarms, cameras, and lighting.

Contact Us for Specialist Fibrous Plasterwork

If you are in need of a reliable, experienced plastering company to provide fibrous plasterwork or other, similar premium grade materials for any planned project you have in mind, contact Design and Visual Concepts today. 

As a UK-based manufacturer of the products we provide, including glass-reinforced gypsum, you may rest assured that your ordered products will be delivered on a schedule to meet your deadline. There will also be no delays in shipping or detailed paperwork that needs completing before you can move ahead to the next stage of your project.

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