Film, Theatre, and Television Set Construction in London

For production companies looking to complete film, theatre, or television set construction in London, we offer a fully collaborative service that brings your brief to life exactly as your director has imagined. Inspire and amaze your audiences with the precise pieces, sets, and scenery you have set out in your specifications and have them made and installed by our fast, reliable experts today.

Our Work as a Set Construction Company

Our trained and experienced workforce and dedicated project management team are ready and prepared to provide the set pieces and finishes you need in London, at a fraction of their regular weight and cost. This allows you to keep to the deadline you have been given and saves money from your production budget.

We provide anything you need for a movie set, television studio, or theatre stage in the capital. Whether you will require small, one-off pieces or larger, more complex components, our craftsmen will have the knowledge and skill to take your designs and make them a reality using state-of-the-art machinery.

Materials and Techniques for Set Construction in London

When you decide that we are the set construction company to take your London production through to the completion of its scenery construction, you will be offered a range of options for high quality materials and professionally practised techniques to complete the work:

Decorative Plaster

Commonly known as “carved plaster” or “plasterwork”, this process sees plaster directly sculpted onto interior and exterior surfaces.

For set construction in London, the most popular and in-demand features we will be called to craft are wall and ceiling designs. However, it is also possible to apply this technique to achieve more complex features and effects, recreating in real life the atmospheres and environments that have been storyboarded for your production.

Fibrous Plaster

This material is a form of decorative plaster, composed of Plaster of Paris which Jesmonite GFRC Concrethas been reinforced with layers of hessian and secured within a timber framework. It has also been widely accepted as the material combination you will need if you are looking to imitate traditional lime-based, hand-moulded plasterwork.

Fibrous plaster varieties are also generally considered to be more expensive for set construction in London, as well as more time-consuming to prepare and apply. Because of this, we would highly recommend planning this material into your production’s budget and building work in advance.

Glass Reinforced Gypsum

You will most likely find this material shortened to the abbreviation “GRG”. It is a modern fibrous plaster type made from a combination of gypsum casting plaster and glassfibre matting. This adds strength to the material, while still allowing it to be light in weight and offering a faster, less labour-intensive installation.

GRG is also extremely adaptable when unset for the quick casting of intricate shapes and designs that need to be prepared in advance of their installation, and can be painted and decorated to achieve any intended colour scheme.


This composite material is made from an acrylic resin that binds gypsum powder, and there are several different types available for film, theatre, or television set construction in London. These may be used to install a variety of props and scenery types, as well as to replicate surfaces such as natural stone, terracotta, marble, granite, and sandstone.

Jesmonite is likely to be the material you need for your production if you need a material that mirrors the looks and behaviours of moulded metallic objects, such as brass, bronze, or copper.

Why Choose Specialist Plasterwork for Set Construction in London?

For many production designers and set designers across the film, television, and theatre industries, plaster is the ideal material for construction. Its lightweight nature, ease of use and application, and cost-effectiveness all combine to create the exact material needed for productions with tight deadlines and budgets.

If your particular entertainment project in London requires complex shapes and designs, you will also find that plaster’s ease of application makes it straightforward to shape in any way and into any finish you need.

Contact Us to Find Out More

If you are in need of specialist plaster applications and installations for small or large scale entertainment projects in London, contact Design & Visual Concepts today. We’ll be glad to provide more information on what we provide as a set construction company, whether you require film sets in plaster at Pinewood or scenery for a West End show in Jesmonite or GRG.

We are more than confident that we will be able to deliver the pieces and finishes you need, with no delays to your deadline based on shipping or paperwork. This is even guaranteed as part of our service, as we are also a UK-based manufacturer of glass-reinforced gypsum and can supply and deliver your order on a date that best suits your production schedule.

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