GRG Perimeter Blind Boxes

When considering methods of concealing certain features and infrastructure, or searching for features to be installed in conjunction with other ceiling design elements, it may be necessary for you to install glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) blind boxes. These can be manufactured and installed in a range of interior spaces to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Read on to learn more about using blind boxes and the benefits of having them manufactured in glass-reinforced gypsum, or contact us if there is more specific information that you require.

Our Blind Boxes

The blind boxes we provide are suspended glass-reinforced gypsum sections which provide a perfectly straight and solid right angle recess at the junction of ceiling and glazing. They are often installed in conjunction with light troughs, as this offers a simple, complete lighting solution for many interior design projects.

Blind boxes can be applied to the perimeters and lighting features of all ceilings as detailed in the notes of the specific project in mind.

The Purpose of a Blind Box

A blind box is designed to conceal the supports or rails of curtains or blinds. It provides a type of universal housing for most blind and curtain options, and some may be installed with features such as closure plates to conceal these even further. They are also ideal for detailing ceiling perimeters and concealing lighting features, given that they are designed to offer a sharp finish which aids aesthetic appeal and a faultless integration which can be applied to both suspended ceiling tiles and plasterboard ceilings. By using blind boxes for the concealment of lighting fixtures, it is also possible to form different lighting designs which ensure any interior is made more visually appealing.

Where a Blind Box May be Used

Technically speaking, a blind box may be installed and used in any location that one happens to be required. This means it is possible to see them fitted and used in a vast range of interior spaces. However, as they are often installed in conjunction with light troughs, you are likely to see them in many of the same spaces as light troughs. This may mean seeing GRG blind boxes in locations such as:

  • Auditoriums and conference centres
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Shopping centres

It is important to note that these are not the only spaces we will install blind boxes for. If the specifications of your architectural or interior design project necessitate hiding blind mechanisms or concealing lighting to enhance aesthetic appeal, we can help. Our specialists will be glad to provide your project with the GRG blind boxes you need to complete your overall design, planned and manufactured to your exact specifications.

The Benefits of Using a Blind Box

Most benefits of using any type of blind box are purely aesthetic. When used for hiding blind mechanisms, they completely conceal features of blinds and curtains that guests and visitors to any one location might otherwise find unappealing to view. When used in conjunction with light troughs, they may be used for the same purpose: to form an easy and consistent method of forming lighting designs while keeping infrastructure hidden.

Choosing to use GRG blind boxes rather than those made of another material will also present a number of other advantages that are likely to be of benefit to your planned architectural project. These advantages are related to the material’s strength, flexibility during the moulding process, and lightweight design.

The surface hardness and material strength of GRG offers greater durability for manufactured products, and its flexibility while unset means that practically any shape can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively when time and budget are both an issue. Considering this latter point alongside its lightweight, it becomes easier to see why GRG is said to offer a less labour-intensive installation and, overall, a more economical installation.

Glass-reinforced gypsum is also a Class 0 fire-rated material, meaning it is completely fire retardant. The density of the material can also be increased to accommodate acoustic requirements where this is necessary, and it is easily dressed and decorated to match the interior design of any room built or renovated. This includes options for painting the material in a range of styles and colours, and replicating different textures in cases where this is needed.

The latter of these advantages may be utilised in different ways, depending on the specifications of the project. GRG blind boxes may therefore be decorated in order to create an aesthetic border or perimeter which becomes its own distinguishing feature, or in a way which conceals them and creates the impression of a seamless transition between room and ceiling.

Ordering Products With Us

If your latest architectural or interior design project would benefit greatly from the installation of a blind box, speak with us on the phone or send us an email today. Our team will be ready and waiting to discuss your options for the creation and installation of a glass-reinforced gypsum blind box, as well as the aesthetics you wish to achieve with its installation, before you place an order.

We are a UK-based manufacturer of glass-reinforced gypsum, and as such you can expect a swift, straightforward delivery that offers no complications or delays. This also means that you will not have to handle any extra or unnecessary paperwork before your product arrives. Instead, you will receive your order exactly as requested, to suit any schedule that fits your needs.