GRG Ceiling Reflectors

If your project would benefit from the enhancement of features and designs offered by the installation of light troughs, you may consider having glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) light reflector installed as well. Directional lighting in particular will benefit from their installation, as these features will accentuate other decorative elements of ceilings that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Read on to learn more about GRG ceiling reflectors and the glass-reinforced gypsum itself that we will use to make the products you need or contact us right away if there is a specific question you need answering about our products or services.

About Ceiling Reflectors

Reflectors are features fitted above lighting troughs to reflect light coming from the lighting unit itself. Typically, this will be light from LED, Cold Cathode, or Fluorescent light units, for the purpose of creating a multitude of lighting styles.

Both wash lighting and different levels of background lighting are easily achieved by placing the light troughs and reflectors at different points within an interior, and certain designs will assist in creating the impression of larger amounts of space. If an interior location is designed with particular themes in mind, or patterns and designs have been included in the upper wall and ceiling design, reflectors can also be installed and positioned to direct more light onto these.

Our GRG Ceiling Reflectors

When we are called to manufacture and install GRG reflectors, we will provide the option of manufacturing them individually or as part of a light trough system. This work may make use of a vertical upstand or a razor-edge lighting trough, which might also sometimes be called a knife-edge lighting trough.

Where a Ceiling Reflector May Be Used

As reflectors are used above lighting troughs, they will be fitted in spaces where light troughs are required. Light troughs are commonly used in a large variety of interiors, meaning that you are likely to also find ceiling light reflectors in locations such as:

  • Auditoriums and conference centres
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Shopping centres

These are not the only locations that we can install light troughs and ceiling reflectors, however. If you require a light trough for the concealment of lighting units and wish to position a light reflector at the perimeter of a room in order to create two different levels of background lighting in an office, for instance, we can help you. Our specialist team can create the GRG materials to complete nearly any type of architectural feature or design required, and these will all be completed to match your exact specifications.

The Benefits of Using GRG Ceiling Reflectors

As with light troughs and blind boxes, the main benefits of using GRG ceiling light reflectors are also related to aesthetic appeal. Reflectors also offer an accurate, consistent, and relatively simple method of forming the lighting design required for a project, using the same suspension material and jointing process as plasterboard ceilings.

Deciding to use glass-reinforced gypsum instead of another material for ceiling reflectors also presents a number of advantages to any project. These are mostly related to the material’s strength, flexibility when unset, and lightweight.

The high strength and surface hardness of GRG mean a greater level of durability for products manufactured from it. The flexible, adaptable nature of it during the moulding process also means that nearly any shape can be reached quickly and in the most cost-effective manner. When noting this alongside its lightweight, it should be more apparent that GRG creates a less labour-intensive installation. It also allows for locations which are not as easily accessible to be given the same finish as more accessible ones. Altogether, this demonstrates that the material can offer a project a more economical installation overall.

GRG is also a Class 0 fire-rated material, meaning it is completely fire retardant, and its density can be increased to accommodate acoustic needs should this be necessary. It is also easily dressed and decorated to match any design, or to become a distinguishing feature or focal point if the idea is to draw the eye rather than blend in. Both are open to options for painting the material in a range of styles and colours, and even different material textures can be replicated.

Ordering GRG Ceiling Reflectors with Us

If your latest architectural project or planned interior design work requires ceiling reflectors to achieve their full aesthetic potential, contact us today. We will be fully prepared to discuss your options for casting ceiling light reflectors in glass-reinforced gypsum, as well as the aesthetic designs you wish to achieve with their installation. Our team can then assist you in placing your order whenever you are ready.

We are proud to be a UK-based manufacturer and installer of high quality GRG products, and you will always be guaranteed a fast, straightforward delivery. This means your project will not be delayed by shipping times, unnecessary paperwork, or other complications caused by bringing the material or products from elsewhere. Instead, you will simply receive the product you have requested, made to your specifications and installed on schedule which suits you.