GRG Light Troughs

When planning lighting designs, or concealing features and infrastructure that would detract from the aesthetic appeal of an interior, it may be beneficial or necessary to install glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) light troughs. These can be manufactured to hide LED, Cold Cathode, and Fluorescent lighting units wherever needed, and may aid in the enhancement of visual interest.

Read on to learn more about glass-reinforced gypsum and the light troughs that we can provide using this material, or contact us if there is a specific question you have.

Our GRG Light Troughs

Our GRG light troughs are manufactured in 200 mm depths, with upstands of 75 mm. This is done as standard, but if you have a specific requirement for your project our team can adjust these to suit your needs. We have years of experience in the design and manufacture of GRG for a myriad of project types and have developed professional methods of integrating any number of GRG sections and products with areas of plasterboard ceilings. This includes sections and products manufactured in custom-ordered sizes.

We can also install glass-reinforced gypsum light troughs with slopes and angles, blind boxes, razor edges, and bulkheads as part of your design. A range of other ceiling design elements will be available when placing your order as well. These may include lowered soffits, raised coffers, circular and elliptical shapes, or a combination of all of these.

The Purpose of a Light Trough

Light trough profiles are used to support and conceal lighting units. They may also be used to hide AC grilles and other services and infrastructure that might otherwise disrupt the aesthetic appeal of an interior. Normally, they will be positioned at the perimeter of a room to create wash lighting or two different levels of background lighting.

It is even possible to fit lighting such as LED units into a trough to provide directional lighting upward so that it highlights the decorative elements of ceilings, or to reverse the profile to create a downward effect that shifts attention to the decorative features of a wall. Overall, this makes their purpose primarily aesthetic, as by concealing unsightly lighting units and practical infrastructure and creating stylish lighting designs, any interior is made more visually appealing.

Where You Can Use GRG Light Troughs

Generally speaking, a glass-reinforced light trough may be used anywhere it is required. They are commonly used in a vast range of interior spaces, including locations such as:

  • Auditoriums and conference centres
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Shopping centres

However, these are not the only spaces we manufacture and install light troughs for. If you require a light trough for the concealment of LED lighting units in a large office space or wish to create wash lighting that establishes a relaxed ambience in a commercial venture, we can help. Our specialists can create the GRG materials needed to complete a wide range of architectural designs, each ordered and manufactured to your exact specifications.

The Benefits of Using GRG Light Troughs

As profiles, light troughs are an easy and consistent method of forming lighting designs while staying under the plans and requirements that need to be met for your project. Making use of GRG light troughs ensures that the same suspension materials and jointing process are used as they would be if you were using plasterboard ceilings. This creates a clean, gutter-free void that allows for the installation of further lighting products while avoiding both shadows and hot spots.

Using GRG instead of another material for your light troughs also ensures several benefits for your project in itself. These benefits are related to its strength, flexibility during the moulding process, and lightweight design.

GRG’s high strength and surface hardness offer greater durability for manufactured products, while the adaptable, flexible nature of the unset material means that practically any shape can be achieved quickly and in a cost-effective manner. When considered alongside the material’s light weight, you should see that this creates a less labour-intensive installation and a more economical installation overall.

Glass-reinforced gypsum is also a Class 0 fire rated material, meaning that it is completely fire retardant. Its density can also be increased to accommodate acoustic needs where necessary and is easily dressed and decorated to match any design. The opposite of this is also true, as it can also be produced and decorated to become a distinguishing feature or focal point. This includes options for painting the material in a range of styles and colours to replicate different textures where necessary.

Place an Order with Us

If your latest architectural project and planned interior design would benefit from the installation of a light trough, contact us today. Our team will be fully prepared to discuss your options for glass-reinforced gypsum light troughs and the aesthetic designs you want to achieve, before assisting you with placing your order.

As a UK-based manufacturer and installer of GRG products, you will also be guaranteed fast and straightforward delivery. This means no delays in shipping and no complications caused by unnecessary paperwork. Instead, you will receive the light troughs you have requested, made to specification and installed to fit your requirements, on a deadline that suits you best.