GRG Razor Edges

When planning a specific lighting style, or to create patterns and designs within the lighting of an interior space, it may be more beneficial to have razor edges installed than standard light troughs. This is especially the case if you are already planning on installing blind boxes as part of your architectural or interior design project.

Read on to learn more about razor edges made from glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG), or contact us right away if you have a specific question about our services or the products we produce.

About GRG Razor Edges

Razor edges, which may also be written and described as “knife edges” or “bladed light troughs”, are a type of suspended light trough. The product is produced with a sharp, razor-like edge along the length of the trough, achieving a clean line between light and shadow with nothing in between. This can then be utilised to create aesthetically pleasing lighting designs and styles in a range of interior spaces and locations.

Our GRG Razor Edges

Our razor or knife edges are popular alternatives to more traditional, 90° vertical trims, and we will often install them in conjunction with blind boxes to provide architectural and interior design projects with complete lighting solutions. This is achieved because the combination of both offers an interior space the most exact line between light areas and areas which are in shade possible.

Where GRG Razor Edges Can be Used

A razor edge, knife edge, or bladed light trough made from GRG can technically be used anywhere one is required. They are common features in a vast range of interior locations, including:

  • Auditoriums and conference centres
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Shopping centres

However, these are not the only spaces that we provide GRG ceiling designs and enhancements such as bladed light troughs for. If you require precise knife edge lighting to complete the stylish aesthetic of a large office space or another type of interior, for instance, we can also help with this. Our specialists will be on hand to create a wide variety of products and designs, each made to order and to your exact specifications.

The Benefits of Using GRG Razor Edges

Like standard light troughs, ceiling reflectors, and blind boxes, knife edges or razor edges are most often used because of the aesthetic appeal they provide. As a result of this, their primary benefit once installed is that very same aesthetic appeal. This benefit is then enhanced further by installing razor edges in conjunction with a blind box.

The rest of the product’s advantages come with the material it is manufactured from, as glass-reinforced gypsum has a number of advantages related to its strength, its flexibility when unset, and its lightweight.

The high strength and surface hardness of GRG once set mean that the material offers greater durability for products manufactured from it. As it is flexible and easily adaptable before it is set, a professional should be able to mould it into any shape needed quickly and in the most cost-effective manner. This, along with its lightweight nature, creates a less labour-intensive installation. It also allows for locations which would otherwise not be as accessible to be given the same finish as areas which are generally considered more easily reached. Both of these facts demonstrate that GRG offers projects a more economical installation overall.

As it is easy to manipulate, GRG is also ideal for moulding more interesting shapes and patterns that will be cleanly defined and create a lot of visual interest and appeal when utilised as bladed light troughs.

GRG is also completely fire retardant, given that it is a Class 0 fire-rated material. Its density can also be increased to accommodate acoustic needs, wherever this should become necessary, and the material can be dressed and decorated to match any design. The opposite of this is also an option, as features can become distinguishing features to draw the eye if this is required as part of the aesthetic appeal of the interior space. This can be achieved by painting the material in a range of styles and colours, or by replicating different material textures using different surface finishes.

Ordering GRG Razor Edges for Your Project

If you know that your latest architectural project or interior design work will require razor edges to achieve a sharp, clean lighting design and aesthetic appeal, contact our offices today. We will be ready and fully prepared to assist, discussing your options for casting light troughs and razor edges in glass-reinforced gypsum before helping you to place an order for the designs you need. These may be any designs that you have asked for, including custom-made razor edge designs.

As an experienced, UK-based supplier and installer of bespoke GRG products and features, you can feel confident knowing that you will be guaranteed a fast, reliable delivery and installation. This means that your project will not be delayed by changing shipping times, unnecessary paperwork, or other complications which could be caused by bringing the material in from elsewhere. Instead, you will receive what you have asked for, exactly as you have asked for it, and it will be installed on a schedule that suits you and your project best.