MF Ceiling Systems and Our GRG Profiles

When completing an interior space, it is often necessary to install MF ceiling systems to ensure the space remains aesthetically pleasing for employees, visitors, and customers of the establishment. As part of this work, it may also be necessary or beneficial to fit glass-reinforced gypsum profiles or GRG profiles, alongside these to facilitate and enhance the previous installation.

Read on to learn more about MF ceiling systems and the GRG profiles we can provide for these, or contact us if you have a specific question that can be answered by a member of our team.

MF Ceiling Systems

The shortened form of “metal frame plasterboard” or just “metal frame” ceilings, MF ceiling systems are suspended metal frame ceilings installed below the main structural ceiling of interior spaces. This is achieved by using a series of wires or hanger angles. You will also see these types of ceilings commonly referred to as:

  • Suspended ceilings
  • False ceilings
  • Dropped ceilings
  • Suspended ceiling tiles
  • Grid ceilings

The metal frame of an MF ceiling will be constructed and then fixed by plasterboard to create a ceiling. Plasterboard is one of the most widely used materials for this because, depending on the type used, it allows for an MF ceiling to be made moisture, fire, and acoustic resistant.

While MF ceiling systems are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, they are more likely to be utilised in the former. Frequent areas that require suspended or false ceiling systems include the following:

  • Office buildings
  • Lobbies and waiting areas
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Retail facilities
  • Restaurants and cafés

The Purpose of an MF Ceiling System

The main purpose of an MF ceiling system is aesthetic; it provides coverage for otherwise unsightly infrastructure in the interior of a building. Wirework and electrics, pipes, ductwork, and other support systems that are necessary for the running of a property can be safely hidden from sight when a false ceiling is installed.

When planning an MF ceiling system for your project, it is possible to adjust the height to allow for service access and accommodate different room dimensions.

Our Work with MF Ceiling Systems

We must note that Design & Visual Concepts does not produce MF ceiling systems as part of our work. However, we do manufacture glass-reinforced gypsum, or glass-fibre-reinforced gypsum (GRG) profiles to facilitate the installation of MF ceiling systems. In particular, our products are often utilised to suit plans for special lighting systems and facilitate the installation of hidden lighting. As a result of this, an architect’s vision for an interior space will be fully realised in terms of ceiling design and intended aesthetics and styles for lighting.

GRG Profiles for MF Ceiling Systems

Our GRG ceilings and light profiles can take several different forms, depending on the requirements of the specific project. Lowered soffits, raised coffers, and circular, elliptical shapes are all regularly requested in specifications, as are ceiling light troughs with concealed lighting, slopes and angles, blind boxes, razor edges, and bulkheads.

These can be manufactured individually or in a combination within an order. They may also be completed in a range of custom styles and designs that help to meet the architect’s requirements and overall vision. As a result, they may be curved or straight, deep or shallow, or straightforward or complex in other ways that fulfil the needs of the project.

We can also offer supply only or supply and fit services for GRG ceiling profiles, as suits your requirements and your schedule.

The Benefits of Using GRG Profiles Over Plasterboard

While metal frame plasterboard ceilings make a practical and lightweight installation, there are several benefits to choosing GRG for your light profiles, rather than continuing to use plasterboard:

  • GRG can curve in two directions for more dramatic and appealing finishes, and can do this easily, while pre-cut (also called “flexible”) plasterboard cannot do this at all
  • GRG from zinc run or CNC moulds will offer a higher quality finish on curve quality, as plasterboard becomes compromised by lots of small, flat facets that will require considerable hand filing and sanding to improve
  • Pre-cut plasterboard will only generally work on straight runs and with a straight profile, but even then the material will only be as effective as the framework used. Often, joints will also be more visible due to no filling rebates

Integrating with MF Ceiling Systems

GRG light profiles are easily integrated with areas of plasterboard ceilings to offer defined, enhanced, and, most importantly, complete-looking finish. Our knowledge and experience in both design and glass-reinforced gypsum as a whole also mean that our work methods make this join seamless. Because of this, the finished product will assist in the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior space where it will be installed.

Different types of light profiles will naturally provide different effects and highlight various parts of ceilings and other areas within a room. For instance, a blind box may be ideal for detailing perimeters, while razor edges produce a sharp, razor-like edge along the length of a light trough to create a perfect line between areas of light and areas of shadow. However, each offers exquisite precision and is designed to provide an interesting and complex finish as required.

For Specialist GRG Profile Installations

If your latest architectural project requires the installation of an MF ceiling system and you have been considering options for potential materials and mouldings to achieve certain aesthetic designs and to enhance lighting systems, contact our offices today. Our team is ready to discuss any specifications you have and can assist in placing an order for the manufacture and installation of GRG profiles.

As a UK-based manufacturer of GRG products, you will always be guaranteed fast delivery, without the complications of unnecessary paperwork or delays in shipping. Instead, you will be presented with the exact light profiles you have requested, which will then be installed with your requirements in mind and on a deadline that suits you best.