GRG Ceiling Panels

GRG Ceiling Panels

When you choose to undertake an architectural project with assistance from us, you will soon discover the benefits that are to be found with installing durable, lightweight GRG ceiling panels and tiles to complete the planned design. Whether you are in the final stages of completion for the lobby of a five-star hotel, or wish to begin designs for a new shopping centre, we will be able to provide everything you need with our material.

Contact us today and speak with one of our expert team members about the manufacture and installation of our GRG products. We will be happy to take note of any particular specifications you have in mind.

Why Choose GRG Ceiling Panels and Tiles for Your Design?

Glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) is a composite material consisting of gypsum casting plaster and glass fibre matting. It’s often considered an ideal alternative to traditional plaster materials, as it is lightweight, durable, and offers considerable economic benefits.

Glass-reinforced gypsum offers a number of beneficial elements to architectural projects, apart from voguish, ultramodern finishes and details for luxury spaces. There are also benefits to the material in terms of its strength, flexibility during the moulding process, and lightweight design.

The material’s high strength and surface hardness will offer great durability to your ceiling tiles and panels, while the adaptable, flexible nature of the unset GRG means that you can achieve practically any shape required quickly and in a cost-effective manner. This keeps the work more economical than many other material installations, as does the fact that GRG offers a faster, less labour-intensive installation, owing to its lightweight design.

GRG is also a Class 0 fire rated material, meaning it is completely fire retardant, its density can be increased to accommodate acoustic needs where necessary, and can be dressed and decorated to match or to distinguish the building’s design concept. This includes being painted in a range of styles and colours to replicate certain textures, including stone.

The glass-reinforced gypsum we provide can also be fitted to accommodate alarms, cameras, sprinkler systems, speakers, lighting, and a range of other features which may be requested by the architect.

Where You Can Use GRG Ceiling Panels and Tiles

The versatility of the material also means that it can be used in a vast range of interior spaces, creating an aesthetically pleasing finish for any project completed there. You will often find ceiling tiles and panels manufactured from glass reinforced gypsum in buildings and spaces such as:

Auditoriums, conference centres, and convention halls




Offices, reception areas, and waiting rooms

Residential rooms

Restaurants and cafeterias

Schools, colleges, and other institutions of education

Shopping centres

Transport terminals

Workshop spaces

These are not the only spaces we will work on to achieve stylish, ultramodern, and practical designs or finishing details, however. We will be fully prepared to manufacture GRG materials to complete a wide variety of complex architectural designs, ordered and manufactured to your specifications.

Speak with us today and one of our members of staff will be glad to discuss the details of your project with you.

Consider GRG Ceiling Panels Installed by Us

If you’ve been considering your material options for an architectural project you have planned, contact us and let us discuss the possibilities involved with glass-reinforced gypsum today. We are more than confident that our services can provide exactly what you need, and our manufactured product will offer the durable yet elegant finish and details you require.

As a UK-based manufacturer of glass-reinforced gypsum, you are guaranteed a project finished at a time that meets your deadline, as there will be no delays in shipping or overly complicated and detailed paperwork to complete.

To see further examples of work we have achieved for architects based across the country, please see our portfolio of Projects.

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