Professional TV Set Construction

For television production companies looking to complete precise sets and pieces that draw in and amaze audiences, we offer a fully collaborative TV set construction service that will give life to the designs found in any script or storyboard. Have your designs accurately moulded and manufactured, before being expertly installed or applied, by our team with one call or email today.

What We Provide for TV Set Construction

Our highly skilled workforce and project management team will be ready and waiting to help you design and build high quality sets and scenery pieces you need at a fraction of their regular weight and cost. This allows you to keep to your given production deadline and helps to save money from your budget.

Whether you are searching for small, one-off pieces for a miniseries or larger, more complex components for the next big hit that will run for years, our craftsmen will have all the knowledge and skill needed. They will turn your production designer’s vision into a reality using a combination of state-of-the-art machinery and their years of professional experience.

Specialist Plasterwork for Period Pieces

Our skill and craftsmanship abilities make us the ideal firm to choose if you’re arranging television set design for a period piece, as we are proud to count ourselves as specialists in the manufacture of:

  • Custom mouldings for unique designs
  • Imitation materials and applications
  • Cracked, aged, and weathered render
  • Hessian and plaster cracks
  • Broken render finish
  • Cornices and ceiling roses
  • Plaster columns and capitols, accurate to the setting’s time period
  • Plaster corbels and brackets, accurate to the setting’s time period

Whether your production will involve a setting in Ancient Greece and need columns and capitols to accurately match the given date, or a futuristic design that needs ruins from a bygone era to follow the storyline, we will be able to assist.

Our Materials and Techniques

When you decide that we are the set construction company you need to take your production through to its complete TV set design, we’ll make use of a range of high quality materials and specialist techniques:

Decorative Plaster

Commonly called “plasterwork” or “carved plaster”, this is a process which sees plaster materials directly sculpted onto interior and exterior surfaces. For TV set construction this normally means being called to craft wall and ceiling designs, but it can also be applied to achieve more intricate or ornate features and effects.

Fibrous Plaster

A form of decorative plaster made from Plaster of Paris and reinforced with layers of hessian in a timber framework, this is widely accepted as the material you’ll need if you want to imitate traditional lime-based, hand-moulded plaster. They’re also generally considered to be more expensive than other varieties, as well as more time-consuming to prepare and apply.

This latter point is why we would always recommend planning fibrous plaster designs into your production schedule and budget well in advance of their use.

Glass Reinforced Gypsum

This material is also abbreviated to the term “GRG”, and is a modern plaster type made from a combination of gypsum casting plaster and glassfibre matting. This strengthens the material while never compromising on the lightweight design, offering a faster, less labour-intensive installation. When unset, the material is also extremely easy to cast into more complex shapes.


Jesmonite is a composite material made from an acrylic resin that binds gypsum powder, and we have several different types available for TV set construction. These are all regularly utilised for set pieces and scenic construction, especially for the replication of surfaces such as natural stone, sandstone, granite, marble, and terracotta, or for moulded metallic objects such as bronze, brass, or copper.

Why Choose Professional Plasterwork for TV Set Construction?

For many production companies, plaster is considered the ideal material for set construction. This is because it combines a lightweight design with its ease of use and application, while still offering a cost-effective purchase that meets your budget. 

If your particular television production needs a greater level of detail in its set design, such as the interiors of a room set in the Victorian era or on another planet in the distant future, you will also find that plaster’s ease of application allows for the quick, straightforward shaping of any designs you have planned.

Contact Us for Professional Set Construction Services

If you’re in need of assistance for your small or large scale television project and you want to learn more about the plaster, GRG, or Jesmonite we use for set and scenery construction, contact us today. We will accurately manufacture and produce the pieces and finishes you need to bring your production to life for your audiences.

You will even be guaranteed a quick delivery that cuts out the paperwork and meets any set deadline with our services, as we are a UK-based manufacturer of glass-reinforced gypsum. This means you will never have to worry about shipping the material in from abroad, and can continue on the schedule your showrunners have planned.

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