IBM, London Client Centre


We manufactured and installed multiple curved lighting booms, recessed lighting channels and two monolithic columns to create a zoned area within IBM Forum’s Client Centre. This project was nominated for an Interiors and Design Award.

Challenges: Complexity of circular light trough design.  The GRG sections needed to sit within a linear design, metal framework and therefore the pieces had to fit exactly onto the metal. In addition, we were working to a compressed programme of works.

How we did it: The ceiling works were constructed from pre-cast GRG sections to create multiple curved lighting booms and recessed lighting channels. These were then covered with stretched fabric for the use of easily controlled, mood lighting throughout (blue lighting to reinforce IBM’s branding). Finally, the circular monolithic column casings created an impressive modern and harmonious design; that IBM Forum required.

Watch a video of our work in the HOK-designed IBM Client Centre below.

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Main gallery images courtesy of Thomas Herrmann


Circular lines, used throughout the centre, differentiate zones and spaces and mirror the IBM "Smarter Planet" initiative logo. The use of blue lighting throughout provides a further visual link to IBM's branding, identity and history.

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