Expertly Cast Imitation Stone

For companies in need of completely accurate decorative pieces cast in imitation stone, Design & Visual Concepts is proud to offer fully collaborative manufacture and application services. Call us or send us an email today and have the pieces you need to complete your planned project professionally moulded and installed on schedule. Everything we do will then be completed at a price which reflects the unique work and signature pieces achieved.

What We Provide

Our dedicated workforce and experienced project management team will be ready and waiting to provide imitation stone walls, floors, and other decorative features or pieces needed at a fraction of the weight and the cost of natural stone. We regularly carry out this service for a range of industries and will be fully prepared to do so again when you require assistance with any of the following:

  • Set construction (typically covering film, television, and theatre sets)
  • Commercial reception areas
  • Office and hotel lobby areas
  • Public spaces

The services we provide are not limited to these potential applications, however. If you have a large scale planned project that falls outside of these applications but know you will still require faux stone panels, blocks, walls, or other features, our team will be there to help.

Materials We Use to Cast Imitation Stone

We make use of two high-quality materials to create the ideal stone effect: fibrous plaster and Jesmonite AC730. The material we use for your own planned project will depend on the nature of the work you are carrying out, however, as fibrous plaster should only be used for film and television set construction in these instances. This is because it does not offer the consistency or durability of finish required for other types of work.

Fibrous Plaster

Fibrous plaster is a form of decorative plaster created from Plaster of Paris, reinforced with layers of hessian in a sturdy timber framework. It’s also widely accepted as the material type you will need to cast imitation stone wall panels and decorative features for an interior film or TV set location, as it should remain dry and not be exposed to the elements. Fibrous plaster is also more affordable in a production budget than some other material types.

Jesmonite AC730

Other commercial and architectural projects requiring cast stone will be completed using Jesmonite, which is a rapid-setting acrylic modified cementitious composite. We offer several varieties for different types of exhibit and set construction. However, to cast imitation rock or artificial stone, it is highly recommended that you use Jesmonite AC730.

This particular water-based, micro-concrete composite can be moulded to provide high-quality decorative finishes that replicate the aesthetics of a wide range of stone types. These include natural stone, marble, and granite, as well as others, and it is even possible to achieve smooth cast stone or concrete block surfaces by leaving the cement-rich layer on the surface. Alternatively, we are also able to acid-etch, grit-blast, or sand the surface to reveal decorative aggregates.

Since it requires no special maintenance procedures and remains highly durable in severe exposure conditions, Jesmonite AC730 is also the suggested material for film set construction and other imitation stonework required in external locations.

Why Choose Specialist Plasterwork or Jesmonite?

Fibrous plaster applications are necessary for an interior film set construction, as well as decorative features for exhibits or product shows, such as those with imitation stonewalling. This is because, alongside its affordable price tag, it also offers a lightweight design that ensures any installation or application work is made fast and easy. In choosing fibrous plaster imitation rock, stone panels, or blocks for your planned project, you will be ensuring that the work is carried out to schedule and any pieces produced are set in place in time to meet your deadline.

Jesmonite AC730 is also widely used in set and exhibit construction because of its durability and lightweight capabilities, as well as its ability to replicate several different varieties of stone. The material is available in a range of different finish colours to help achieve this and is non-solvent, UV-stable, contains no VOC’s, and achieves a “non-combustible” Fire Classification. This makes it safe to use for both interior and exterior construction and design work, but it is especially recommended for long-term external use, as the hardwearing nature of the materials means they will not need to be replaced for a long time.

Contact Us for More on Imitation Stonework

If you need professionally cast imitation rock for a television or film set, a product show, or a museum or aquarium exhibit, contact Design & Visual Concepts today. We will be glad to assist however we can, whether you wish to learn more about your material options before placing your order, or even if you are ready to receive the accurately-manufactured pieces or finishes you need to convincingly replicate natural-cut stone.

You will always be guaranteed a fast delivery with our UK-based service, as well as a quick, efficient, and cost-effective installation or application that meets your deadline. As a result, you will be able to move on to the next stage of your work in terms of set construction, setting up your product, or getting ready to open your exhibit to the public, even sooner than you had previously planned.

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